JayData is a unified data access library for JavaScript to work with online and offline data APIs like WebSQL, IndexedDB, Facebook or OData.


We help your JavaScript product
to evolve to enterprise-grade


Stay business-driven! Assemble, launch and operate an entire cluster on demand and control everything with JS methodology.

JayData Products and Services

  • JayData Pro Closed-Source Edition: Closed source licensing can be practical when the development project cannot use open source products or when the consequences of GPL/MIT licensing are inconvenient.
  • JayData Pro Providers: JayData Pro Providers currently include IndexedDB, SQLite and MongoDB providers. These access popular local storages which are used with enterprise projects or development efforts.
  • JayData Support: JayData professional support can be purchased for both the Open Source and Pro (closed source commercial) editions as well. Subscribers can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold level support, depending on the requirement of their development efforts. Gold support is a custom solution, representing a real partnership between JayStack LLC and the subscriber.

Accelerate your digital business by scalable cloud services, mobile solutions and our expertise

Meet our professional services

  • JavaScript consultancy: Tech guidence and assistance in strategic cloud & JavaScript adaptation
  • Cloud & Mobile Strategy: Accelerate your digital business by scalable cloud services, mobile solutions and our expertise!
  • Software development trainings: Learn from our experts to roll out your own future-proof software, safe thousands of research hours. Learn client & server side JavaScript development patterns and get hands-on mobile development experience.
  • Application development: Max out the potential of mobile B2B or B2C business solutions by targeting all leading mobile platforms, hire us to ship your software idea to the market with the latest technologies

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JayData Pro Library

Our commercially licensed JayData library is the perfect fit for projects and products that require Closed-Source Software. JayData Pro releases underwent stricter QA than any open-source release.

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JayData Support Silver Plan

We solve your problems overnight! Unlimited support for bug reports with a total number of 4 non-bug related support cases included.

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JayData WebSQL Provider Pro

Transaction management and indexing capability for WebSQL and SQLite storages.

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Why choose JayStack?

  • Built on HTML5 standards

    Use any library of your choice without commiting to a specific technology or framework. Enable your application to fit all platforms and all devices.

  • OData Compliance

    Automatically publish or consume data or API effortlesly through JavaScript.

  • Built for hybrid technologies

    We developed our services to make your life easier if you are working with PhoneGap or Titanium.

  • Professional technical support

    Our dedicated professionals listen to your every need and deliver tailored solutions promptly.

  • Client-server concept

    Create cross-platform, cross-layer applications on-demand, scaling up as your business expands.

  • Expand your business flexibly

    Our application infrastructure is easy to implement and upscaling is quick and simple to fit all your business needs