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14 Dec
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JayData Pro Edition is the commercial version of JayData library and was created to deliver additional developer tools for enterprise HTML5/JavaScript/PhoneGap projects. These additional tools can be used as modules. These modules are delivered with JayData Pro, but not with JayData Open Source Edition. To learn the differences between JayData Pro and the JayData Open Source Editions, check out the JayData comparison article.

List of available JayData Pro modules

This table contains the modules available in the current JayData Pro release. The JayData Pro Trial provides you 30 days to evaluate not only the library itself, but the extra Pro modules as well.


Module Name Description
Schema Evolutions Provides opportunity to manage schema modifications of IndexedDB and WebSQL storages after the deployment of your app.
Query Cache Helps you to reduce network traffic by caching the results OData, ASP.NET WebAPI and Facebook requests in the memory
Download the latest JayData Pro to try the modules now!



List of upcoming JayData Pro modules

We have many ideas how to improve the business value of the library with advanced extensions and it’s important to us to share the roadmap with you. All the current JayData Pro customers are eligible to download the upcoming Pro modules with the upcoming JayData Pro releases. So if you purchased JayData Pro 1.3.0, you are eligible to download JayData Pro 1.3.1 and newer versions with the new modules.


Module Name Description Expected release*

Storage Encryption

Developer-friendly encryption for in-browser databases – WebSQL and IndexedDB

JayData Pro 1.5

* This table represents the current plans, the development is aligned to the global product backlog, so the release date might change. 

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