JayData Server to replace JayStorm

14 Oct
Author: bonayr
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Dear JayStorm Users,


Effective as of Jan 1 2016, we’re shutting down JayStorm. As you have probably read, we have signed our Series-A investor agreement and our goal is to concentrate on the JayData product line 100% in the near future. This, unfortunately, means that we are shutting down our non-JayData product lines for the time being.


Good news is, that JayData Server is coming in 2016, which will hold many pleasant surprises for all who’ve been keen on using JayStorm in the past.


We suggest to backup all data and code that’s currently running on the JayStorm platform. If you have something crucial running over there and you cannot solve the migration to an alternative provider, or you’ve just fell in love with us, please reach out to us at info@jaystack.com and we’ll figure something out. We will not leave any of you alone and we’ll do anything in our power to help you.


With kind regards,

JayStack Technologies

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