JayStack receives massive investment

14 Oct
Author: bonayr
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BUDAPEST, Hungary (October 13, 2015) - JayStack Technologies, provider of the JayData library, has signed its Series-A investment round with MFB Innovation Fund and Conor Fund.

With the new funding, JayStack will double up the team behind JayData and focus on creating more tools to help mobile developers. The Professional Services team will grow significantly as well, offering premium enterprise mobile development services world-wide.

JayStack’s flagship product, JayData, is currently being used by more than 50,000 developers world-wide. It helps software developers create data-intense cross-platform applications to handle data management more easily, effectively and elegantly.

With the $1.5 million investment, JayStack wants to double up the team and boost its product development to deliver some long awaited new features, such as support for OData V4 and a Salesforce integrations module.

You will see JayData attending industry events more regularly from now on.” explains Peter Aron Zentai, one of the founders of the company. “This opportunity with MFB and Conor is very exciting. I’m thrilled to able to boost our JayData development efforts to the maximum, creating a tool which is craved by guys out there – guys like me.

We will focus on developers,” adds Denes Csiszar, the newly appointed head of the team. “We’d like to give people what they want and how they want it. I can promise you that we’ll keep the free, open-source edition of JayData and we’ll make our popular Bronze level support free-of-charge as well.

You can expect a new version of JayData coming soon this year with very frequent updates afterwards.

If you’d like to get in touch with JayStack, visit their website at http://jaystack.com or http://jaydata.org

Questions and inquiries at info@jaystack.com

About JayStack
JayStack’s goal is to provide a set of tools for cross-platform developers to make their life easier. With JayData, JayStack is targeting the developers who are creating data-intense (enterprise mobile) applications. By addressing the particularly painful part of cross-platform data management and making it easy, effective an elegant, JayStack is currently helping more than 50,000 developers to reduce time-to-market, code size and code maintenance costs.

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