About us

JayStack’s goal is to provide a set of tools for cross-platform developers to make their life easier. With JayData, JayStack is targeting the developers who are creating data-intense (enterprise mobile) applications. By addressing the particularly painful part of cross-platform data management and making it easy, effective an elegant, JayStack is currently helping more than 50,000 developers to reduce time-to-market, code size and code maintenance costs.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable JavaScript developers to rely on their knowledge and engage the full programming cycle and take advantage of our new paradigm of application development. 

We’d like to enable business decision-makers to achieve faster go-to-market, increase ROI and significantly reduce total cost of ownership while creating cutting-edge services backed by the latest cloud-based technology.

Our aim is to enable you turn your skills into profit directly without relying on cumbersome SDKs, by building on a unified HTML5/JavaScript-based environment.

Our vision

to provide a single, HTML5/JavaScript powered, standardized cross-platform solution to serve as the base of the new ecosystem. We want to empower your business regardless of you being a developer or a business decision-maker.

Our tech-savvy enthusiasts created JayData (www.jaydata.org) as their contribution to the JavaScript community to create a soon-to-be  standard, cross-platform unified data access library and method to access and manipulate data from various sources in HTML5 or JavaScript.

The ultimate goal of JayStack Technologies is to give back the web to the web developers and to significantly lower the bar for them to be enter the monetized web ecosystem. Our dream is that every web developer with a good idea will be able to deploy his application in only a matter of days and start earning money in a very short timeframe – without the burden of server configuration, deployment and maintenance. And without giving up a significant portion of that money to a score of different service providers. We are committed to their success.

The team behind JayStack Technologies consists of IT-professionals offering effective solutions to major enterprises, accomplished start-ups and enthusiastic individuals. We share the vision of expanding the web into an ecosystem that enables mobile application development, JavaScript data management to thrive.

Upcoming releases

We are working on the more exciting new JayData features and modules to save you significant development time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our blog to be up to date about our latest new additions!