Are my credit card details stored securely?

Your credit card details and billing information are stored securely by our trusted partner, We never store your credit card details in any system of ours.

How can I update my credit card details?

You can easily add a new credit card to your account, or change current credit card options.

To authorize your credit card, we make a temporary payment request to your card account for € 1 (or an equivalent amount in your domestic currency). However, you will not actually be charged.

Your system will not accept my credit card. Is anything wrong with my card?

If you are having trouble processing your payment, please contact us at .

What payment methods do you accept?

JayStack accepts payments from the following payment systems:

  • Visa, MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover card
  • PayPal

All credit-cards are processed by via secure transactions. Please contact us for wire transfers. 

What happens to my recurring payment if my credit card expires?

If your credit card expires, we will let you know that the recurring payment failed and give you timeframe to change your payment method and keep your subscription running. 

If you don’t change your payment details in time and your subscription expires, you have up to 10 days to reactivate it by updating the payment method. By doing this, you can maintain your current subscription settings.

After 10 days, the subscription will no longer be available, and your  Applications will be deleted.

Upcoming releases

We are working on the more exciting new JayData features and modules to save you significant development time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our blog to be up to date about our latest new additions!