FAQ about JayData

How can I get JayData support? What kind of support plans are available?

There are several different ways to get support. To choose the best fit for you, please check out the different support options and available support plans.

Where can I download the JayData Pro source code?

JayData Pro version is available for users with JayData or JayStorm support subscription. If you are subscribed to any of these plans, please log in to your Dashboard and select the support menu to download your application.

What’s the difference between JayData Pro and the open-source version?

JayData is an open-source product, where all the community members can contribute code. Before releasing an Enterprise version, we assure the quality of the library performing the following tasks:

  • Code review,
  • We run the unit tests on most popular platforms/browsers,
  • We upgrade the library in our example applications and run manual tests

Can I get a custom JayData version with a patch or new feature?

Feature requests and bugs are priorized in the product backlog and we do our best to satisfy the needs of our users. Once we have a significant amount of changes ready, we release the new version to all our clients.

How many applications does my support subscription cover?

Support purchased for an application provides support for a maximum of 5 individual applications.


Upcoming releases

We are working on the more exciting new JayData features and modules to save you significant development time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our blog to be up to date about our latest new additions!