FAQ about JayStorm

Can I customize pre-defined application templates?

Absolutely! Pre-defined packages cover the typical application types. Feel free to add or remove Power-ups to customize your Application to fit your needs.

How can I configure/customize my application environment?

Use the Application Manager to admin all the schemas, databases, users and user groups, access levels and user privileges as well as files for each application individually. Click here for the Application Manager Tutorial and a complete list of functions.

How can I modify my application?

Log in to the Dashboard and select the application you want to modify. Click the add/remove power-up link and configure your application as you like. The modifications are implemented immediately upon launching your modified application.

What kind of development environment do I need to use JayData?

As JayData is a JavaScript library, there are no restrictions in terms of the IDE. You can use Eclipse, Aptana, all editions of Microsoft Visual Studio (even the Express ones) or your favourite text-editor. Right now, we optimized the auto-complete suggestions to Visual Studio 11, which doesn't mean that we won't support other IDEs with auto-complete.

What happens if I delete Power-ups from my application?

Always keep in mind that deleting a power-up can cause damage to your live application. In order to avoid such problems, please make sure that the power-up in question can be removed without further complications.

How can I delete an application?

Log in to the Dashboard and select the application you want to delete. Click the Delete App link. You will be asked for a confirmation that you really want to delete your application.

What happens if I delete my application?

All of your Content will be immediately erased from the server upon deletion. This information can not be recovered anymore. Your application endpoint and your application URL will become unavailable upon deletion.


Upcoming releases

We are working on the more exciting new JayData features and modules to save you significant development time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our blog to be up to date about our latest new additions!