FAQ about all products

Where can I download the JayData Pro source code?

JayData Pro version is available for users with JayData or JayStorm support subscription. If you are subscribed to any of these plans, please log in to your Dashboard and select the support menu to download your application.


Can I customize pre-defined application templates?

Absolutely! Pre-defined packages cover the typical application types. Feel free to add or remove Power-ups to customize your Application to fit your needs.


Account, membership

What kind of memberships exists?

Each customer using the JayStorm platform has a membership level: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. You start at Bronze and you can progress to Gold depending on your usage habits and services requested. As your level progresses, your service usage and credit limits are increased, you can unlock new features, and you will be able to use your existing features at a higher level.


Payment, billing

Are my credit card details stored securely?

Your credit card details and billing information are stored securely by our trusted partner, Authorize.net. We never store your credit card details in any system of ours.


How do I cancel my support subscription?

You can cancel via email any time at support@jaystack.com. We’ll send back a confirmation email within 48 business hours. Your support subscription will be cancelled at the end of your current subscription month as we do only charge full support months.

How should I renew my support plan?

The Bronze and Silver Support plans are automatically renewed each month, but you can unsubscibe anytime before the renewal happens.

Upcoming releases

We are working on the more exciting new JayData features and modules to save you significant development time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or read our blog to be up to date about our latest new additions!