Go serverside!

Use your JayData skills to work with data in the cloud. Leverage JayData and the JavaScript language to create business logics running  on the server. Access your JayStorm based data API with JayData.


Set up and operate an online database service within minutes.

Define tables and fields and use your existing JavaScript and JayData skills to create the server side business logic that operates on your data. Create code to define your API functions that execute on the server and access your cloud backed database with the same syntax as using the browser’s local storage. Let JayStorm handle the HTTP protocol and communicate with business objects.


Integrate an online data store into your HTML5 or hybrid application!

Accessing your JayStorm based data service from the browser is not at all different from dealing with device local databases on devices. At least with the combination of JayData and JayStorm. Authentication and authorization is provided as part of the JayStorm API and is seamlessly integrated with the JayData authentication features.


Elastic platform for cross-device JavaScript business apps

JayStorm is available as a subscription service for the JayStorm execution platform with pre-paid and post-paid options. You only pay your actual hourly usage of the selected JayStorm Power-Ups (a long list of JayStorm modules and services) based on the needs of your business app. Get your dedicated compute units  and scale as you grow!

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Great apps with JayStorm

We developed the JayScrum application using JayData, Knockout.js and iScroll libraries. This application runs on JayStorm. Read more about JayScrum.

JayStorm instroduction video


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