What is JayStorm?

Forget SDK’s, forget C#, forget MySQL! JavaScript in the cloud! Our crosslayer JayStack application introduces application tier virtualization, creating a virtually rendered environment from serverside to frontend, that you have complete control over using your existing JavaScript skillset!
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JayStorm architecture

Establish your heartland on our servers and engage your users and customers in a fast and agile way! Our approach is suitable both for developers and for IT-minded business decision-makers whose forte is information publishing in a structured way. Engage your partners and clients with an easy-to-implement UI tool and consume incoming data in the way you like best (Excel, Sharepoint, XML, Atom feed, JSON/AJAX, Lightswitch or even through an easy-to-use Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 application. 

Do all this by taking advantage of the latest in cloud computing, that helps you protect your data, reduce your IT-costs, and decimate the cost of ownership dramatically.

Why choose JayStorm ?

  • Expand your business flexibly

    Share your business data without the need of coding. Develop, implement and collect data online, access it via Excel, Lightswitch and integrate it in your web or mobile application.

  • Focus on your app!

    You don’t have to waste resources and struggle with servers. You write your app, we take care of the rest.

  • OData Compliance

    Automatically publish or consume data or API effortlesly through JavaScript.

  • Stay business-driven!

    Forget your infrastructure problems, and let our comprehensive mobile business backend run your business smoothly.

  • No more shared hosting

    Our dedicated virtual application layer as a service, enables you to fully utilize processing capacity.

  • OData-enabled admin API

    Manage even your app configuration (users, firewalls, the whole nine yards) through OData with our revolutionary methods.