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JayStack provides tools for software developers and custom solutions for enterprises so they can meet the challenges of the hyper-changing business and technology ecosystem

JayStack OData v4 Server

Build your own OData v4 backend services on Node.js

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Efficiency, Elegance, Ease

We make the life of microservices developers and cross-platform JavaScript experts easier by providing tools that will enable them to save coding time, achieve better time-to-market and overcome the ever-growing challenges of developing microservices.
We also offer high-quality, exclusive custom solutions for enterprise customers all over the world. We work with high-profile organizations across the globe on various assignments from NGOs to micro-biological research facilities and large retailers, from medical institutions to construction companies.


Microservices custom development

Projects with a microservices team of 20, one of the most experienced in the region. We partook projects with hundreds of microservices

Microservices consulting

We help large enterprises to change from monolithic systems to the Microservice-era

Release Engineering

We offer CI/CD consulting, we train internal developer teams, creating custom methodologies for DevOps experts

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform apps and systems built with JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular, Xamarin and Cordova



Molinio is a control center for microservices developers to simplify infrastructure-related tasks in local, container, or cloud environments.


JayData is a standards-based, cross-platform Javascript library and a set of practices to access and manipulate data from various online and offline sources.

JayStack OData v4 Server

Set up an OData endpoint in 10 minutes, which is JavaScript and Excel compatible, enabling business users to create dynamic data queries and even writing back data.

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