JayStack is an exclusive software development company that provides tools and solutions for companies so they can meet the challenges of the hyper-changing business and technical ecosystem. Enterprise IT is no longer about creating monolithic applications or robust intranet platforms which were the single point of entry to all information. Communication is evolving. Social interactions take place in a digital world. Relationships are developed through sharing, commenting, and liking content across multiple devices. This transformation has been prevalent for the past decade yet it is only just the beginning.


We work with high-profile organizations across the globe on various assignments from NGOs to micro-biological research facilities and large retailers, from medical institutions to construction companies. What’s common in these projects is our enthusiasm to create something that fits the partner perfectly, while also indulging ourselves with the latest and greatest of technologies to ensure that the solution we provide actually lasts.


JayStack is not your usual software house – we are notoriously picky when selecting our team members and only take contracts which challenge us to our very core, and where the solution we provide creates significant value that really helps our partner both business- and technology-wise. We believe that employees will use enterprise systems more willingly and easily if it fits into their existing routines: it is lightweight, it can be reached from any device any time and it requires minimal learning. This is the era of microservices-based IT, using technologies such as NodeJS, NoSQL, HTML5 and JavaScript. We are ready to take you to this next level.


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