Péter Zentai
CEO, Chief of Architect

I wrote my first online application in 1993 for the revolutionary new HTML2/3 platform NCSA Mosaic.

Dénes Csiszár
General Manager

Dénes is a business-IT hybrid, having vast experience with major enterprises, start-ups, simple and complex projects, investments and emerging international businesses.


Róbert Bónay
VP of Software development

Robert coordinates the development and PM team with his extensive in-field experience in nearly all aspects of enterprise projects

Péter Nochta

Peter assembles the develpment tools and practies to meet all technical needs of product/project requirements.

Zoltán Csák

A business manager is a person who drives the work of others in order to run a major business efficiently and make a large...

Hajnalka Battancs
COO, Key Account Manager

Hajni has 10 years of product and (agile) project management experience.