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Help youth find a meal and a safe place this summer

Range mobile app

Each summer, over 45,000 sites serve youth free meals across the U.S. and territories. How can you help make sure youth get fed this summer?

Gedeon Richter

Solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Monitoring drug production for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of Europe. We used .NET, E/F, HTML5, JayData and a complex OLAP reporting system.


Everyone deserves a violence free life.

SafeNight mobile app

SafeNight provides support to people seeking urgent shelter.


Deploy volunteers from the palm of your hand.

4Bells mobile app

 4Bells helps organization quickly deploy volunteers to meet urgent time-sensitive requests.

Worker Connect

Improving conditions and program delivery

Worker Connect mobile app

Worker Connect was made for workers living in Qatar and working on construction projects in the region.