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Centrica is an international energy, services company, they provide solutions on satisfying the changing needs of our customers in an evolving energy market

The project started in 2017 and it is evolving through continuous improvement, and continuous delivers ever since. During the course of development the team has created a Front Line Support Tool (FLST) for engineers and customer management to maintain the connected devices, and backend tasks for the smart home systems.

Further application called Boiler IQ have been developed to connect a device that monitors the user’s boiler and reports the company when it stops working. That way, the company can get a more accurate description and fix the device as soon as possible.

Centrica GUI

Applied Technologies

  • Redux & Redux-Action
  • React.js
  • AWS Serverless Function
  • Bootstrap Library
  • Redux Saga
  • Javascript
  • i18next
  • React-Router
  • Dynamo DB

The outcome

An exclusive cross-platform Client Relationship Manager application and desktop support tool, which enables the connection and operation of smart home devices. It allows engineers and technical support to interact, and provide a real time view of the smart devices. The application offers remote connection, for internal use for engineers in case of malfunction.