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FINE+RARE has garnered a reputation as the leading online platform for both buying and selling fine wines and spirits – and also for facilitating hassle-free cellar management with a dedicated team of knowledgeable account managers plus innovative, free-to-use portfolio management software.

JayStack conducted a discovery of legacy systems and processes and suggested a digital transformation with step-by-step Digital transformation by draining out different functionalities into Azure-based micro-services.

Our client with innovative e-commerce ideas was troubled with the original infrequent release cycles and they desired better sales conversion.

We designed and implemented 25 new microservices in .NET Core and Azure services

fine and rare

Applied Technologies

Azure stack
  • Azure Service bus, App services, App Gateway Stream Analytics, Web jobs
  • Application Insights
  • Azure Tables storage, Block storage, Azure SQL DB, CosmosDB
  • Azure AD
  • Microsoft .NET Core, Entity Framework Core
  • Solr
  • nextjs microservice applications
  • React.js
  • Responsive layout
  • Contentful
  • Shopify API
  • Google maps
  • Google Analytics
fine and rare