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Everyone deserves a violence free life.

SafeNight mobile app

SafeNight provides support to people seeking urgent shelter.

SafeNight is a mobile app that alerts individual donors to fund hotel rooms when local domestic violence shelters are full. Agencies use a web-based tool to send a request for emergency funding and donors receive an opportunity to pay via SafeNight.

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Anyone Can Give A Room. Here’s How:

Register and become a member of the community.

Once you’ve downloaded SafeNight and registered, you become a member of the community. A community that believes we can use the resources at our disposal to make change. A community that believes everyone deserves a violence free life.

Select your local organization and connect to it.

After you’ve registered, you can connect to a verified domestic violence service organization. These organizations provide shelter and other services to individuals in need. Once you connect, you will receive requests to sponsor a hotel room when there is an urgent need and no available space at a shelter.

Sponsor a hotel stay.

When the organization you are supporting needs help, you will see a notification on your phone that alerts you of an individual or family who needs a safe night. By agreeing to sponsor a hotel stay, you give someone a chance to receive additional support in a time of need.

Client: Caravan Studios – division of TechSoup Global

Applied Technologies

  • PhoneGap/Cordova
  • MS CRM Online
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • MongoDb, Node.js, OData
  • PayPal Donation
  • Push notification

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