Péter Zentai
CEO, Chief of Architect

I wrote my first online application in 1993 for the revolutionary new HTML2/3 platform NCSA Mosaic.

Dénes Csiszár
General Manager

Dénes is a business-IT hybrid, having vast experience with major enterprises, start-ups, simple and complex projects, investments and emerging international businesses.

Péter Krómer
Board Member

Dénes Nagy
Board Member


Róbert Bónay
VP of Software development

Robert coordinates the development and PM team with his extensive in-field experience in nearly all aspects of enterprise projects

Péter Nochta

Peter assembles the develpment tools and practies to meet all technical needs of product/project requirements.

Hajnalka Battancs
COO, Key Account Manager

Hajni has 10 years of product and (agile) project management experience.